Chess Magnet School Accounts
Coaches and Teachers: please read this Overview to learn how Chess Magnet School supports Class, Student and Coaching Accounts.
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There are two basic account types: Class Accounts and Personal (Student) Accounts. Some personal accounts are also Coaching Accounts.

You need a personal account to enter the Training Room. You also need a personal account to create a Class or become a Coach.

A personal account that has coaching privileges for one or more Classes is a Coaching Account. There is no charge for Coaching Accounts.

The creator of a Class has coaching privileges for that Class. If you create a personal account and then create a Class, your personal account becomes a Coaching Account automatically.

Coaches may pay for their students directly, or their students may pay for themselves. Coaches are able to create invoices and make on-line payments for specific Students or Classes.

A Coaching Account can be used to coach more than one Class. Also, a Class can have more than one Coach.

Class Accounts represent chess classes into which students may be grouped. There is no charge for Class Accounts.

You need a personal account to create a Class. When you create a Class, your personal account becomes a Coaching Account, automatically.

When you create a Class, you will receive an email with two keywords.

The “Class Code” is used to enroll Students in the Class.

The "Coach Key" is used to add coaching privileges for the Class to a personal account. This allows a Class to have more than one Coach.

Click here to create Student Accounts. If you want them to be members of an existing Class, you need the Class Code (sent by email when a Class is created).

Click here to become a Coach for an existing Class. You will need the Coach Key for that Class (sent by email when the Class is created).

Students can also use Chess Magnet School without joining a Class.

A Personal Account can either be used for learning, or for coaching. A personal account that is used primarily for learning is called a Student Account.

Each Student Account includes a 30-day Free Trial of the Student Training Room.

A Subscription costs:

$6.95 per month (renews automatically).
$15 for three months (does not renew).
$29.95 per year (does not renew.)

USCF member discount:

$26.95 per year for current members of the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF).

Additional discounts are available to Coaches and Class Administrators when they pay for their Students directly.

Coaches are able to monitor their Students, issue assignments, print reports, detect trouble areas and more.

For more information:

Call 1-650-284-5062 or 1-877-378-4319 (toll-free in the USA) or contact us here.

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