Chess Magnet School Features
Chess Magnet School is an engaging training and coaching environment for all chess players at the beginning to intermediate levels. Students progress at their own rate, acquiring skills and boosting their confidence at the same time. Parents, coaches and teachers use our unique chess coaching features to guide and monitor the progress of their students and classes.

Schools are able to enroll their students in Chess Magnet by creating "class" accounts. A school with a chess club can create a single account for all of the members of the chess club. A school without a chess club can also create an account. A large school can create two or more accounts supporting, for example, two chess clubs with different levels of proficiency.

A school needs to have at least one designated sponsor, or "coach", for each chess class.

The same coach can manage several classes, and the same class can have several coaches.


Classes are the team units at Chess Magnet School. A "class account" starts with one Coach account and five Student accounts. More Student (or Coach) accounts can be added at any time.

Class accounts can be created for scholastic chess clubs, for private chess clubs, or just for the students of a particular coach. A parent can also serve as a coach and create a class for their children and their children's chess-playing friends.

Coaches are able to manage more than one class, as needed.


Chess Magnet provides a wide array of special features that empower coaches to guide, manage and monitor the progress of their teams and students.

Coaches are able to list the members of each class they are coaching. They can place each of their students into a specific group such as Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced.

Coaches can use the Chess Magnet Rating Test to estimate the chess strength of their students and measure their progress over time.

Coaches can review the curriculum and assign specific topics either to individual students, or to any of their student groups.

Coaches choose a Lesson, Exercise or Practice when making each assignment. Lessons present new material, Exercises help students learn it, and Practice Sessions help them review and refine their understanding. Coaches can also choose a set of assignments that will be presented, in the desired order, to a student or group of students. This provides a way for coaches to coordinate their personal teaching with the lessons, exercises and practice sessions provided at Chess Magnet School.

Coaches may request a Progress Report for any of their students, at any time. A Progress Report shows what the student has studied, what they have mastered, and what they need to work on. Each Progress Report provides a "snapshot" of the student's overall course of improvement. Coaches also have a "Memo Pad" to help them maintain notes on each student.

For additional help, coaches can explore any chess position in depth by calling on the strong built-in computer chess engine.

Coaches have every tool they need to guide and challenge their students, and to track their advancement.


Students at Chess Magnet enjoy the benefits of first-class technology, with a Java-based Training Room and a strong chess engine helping to power their progress.

The Student Training Room is highly interactive. Numerous lesson types are available, complete with hints, audible cues, and automatic feedback. Some lessons use the "multiple choice" format; others ask the student to select squares on the chessboard; and some require the student to achieve a specific goal, such as checkmate, against the powerful built-in chess engine.

Students can use the Chess Magnet Rating Test to estimate their chess strength at any time.

Students are able to page through the curriculum and choose a topic to study. However, when their coach has made specific assignments, a student must complete those assignments before choosing their own topics.

Chess Magnet monitors each student's performance and keeps a record of what the student has studied, what they have mastered, and what they need more help with. Chess Magnet automatically challenges each student with a wide variety of exercises at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Students can leave the Training Room at any time, and they will start in the same place the next time they log in.

Students may also request a Progress Report at any time. The Progress Report, which is produced automatically, gives a clear picture of their improvement over time. Whenever a student has achieved a new level to be proud of, the student can print out their Progress Report and pin it on the wall.

The Student Training Room is an engaging, quick-paced environment that makes learning fun.