Coaching Home Page

To support you in your teaching or coaching, we provide all bona fide chess teachers and coaches with full use of Chess Magnet School - including our powerful, easy to use coaching tools and reports - absolutely free. Simply establish your personal account, set up your first class, and begin adding students. Even if you don't have any students using Chess Magnet School initially, your first 30 days are free under our 30-day free trial policy. Once you have at least five students in our system, your account will be complimentary.

To become a coach, you must either create a new Chess Magnet School Class, or enter the "Coach Key" for an existing Class.

At Chess Magnet School you can coach multiple classes, and divide each class into separate groups. You can review the curriculum and assign lessons to any of your students. And you can assign a Rating Test to measure the strength of your students and track their progress over time.

Our intelligent grading system detects areas of difficulty and offers recommended assignments for each student. You can issue selected assignments to any student or group of students. This helps coordinate your personal instruction with the work at Chess Magnet School. We deliver your homework, and we grade it for you.

Use our graphs and reports to track your students' performance. Progress Reports show the rate of improvement, and Concept Reports measure proficiency in specific areas. Use your "Memo Pad" to take notes, and use our messaging system to send reminders. To help answer your students' questions, you can explore any position using our powerful built-in chess engine.

Our Coaching features give you all the tools you need to guide and challenge your students, identify problem areas, and track their progress.