About Chess Magnet School

Chess Magnet School is produced by a partnership consisting of Harlan Lee (curriculum), Marty Hirsch (technology) and Hal Bogner (operations).

Launched in September, 2005, Chess Magnet School is used by thousands of chess students throughout the world.

Harlan Lee is a USCF Senior Master and a professional educator who has been teaching chess to children for over 25 years. (Read more...)

Marty Hirsch is a former NASA engineer who has been developing chess software for more than 20 years. (Read more...)

Hal Bogner is a USCF Life Master with over 25 years of experience producing chess software and online services for chessplayers. (Read more...)


Chess Magnet LLC is also a provider of technical solutions to several partner organizations, including The New York Times and the United States Chess Federation:

During 2007, we developed a new web site for the United States Chess Federation.

Also during 2007, we produced an interactive Chess Viewer for use by The New York Times.

During 2006, Chess Magnet produced a free program, Learn to Play Chess, for the "New to Chess?" section of the United States Chess Federation web site.