Chess Magnet School Lesson Guide
This Lesson Guide provides an outline of the topics available at Chess Magnet School. The Learning Objectives are shown in bold face type. The difficulty increases from left to right.
Basics Tactics Positional Judgment
Piece Names Forks-Intermediate Pawn Power
Piece Values Pins-Intermediate Positional Play
The Chessboard Skewers-Intermediate King Safety
Starting Position Discovered Check Rook Development
  Discovered Attack  
Piece Movement Double Check Strategic Concepts
Rook Moves Side File Mate Attack & Defense
Bishop Moves X-Ray Attack Position Evaluation
Queen Moves Clearance Sacrifice Why Resign?
Knight Moves Removing Defender Better Moves
Pawn Moves Deflections Best Play
Pawn Promotions Decoys Preventing Counterplay
King Moves Trapping  
Check   Game Analysis
Capturing With Check Piece Tours Grandmaster Games
Escaping Check Rook Tours  
Legal Moves Bishop Tours Tactical Themes
Castling Mechanics Queen Tour Interference
Castling Rules Knight Tours Zugzwang
  King Tours Zwischenzug
Ending the Game   Domination
Checkmate Endgames Under-Promotion
Draw Basic Opposition  
Stalemate King & Pawn Endgames Tactical Vision
  Outside Passed Pawns Advanced Visualization
Understanding Mate Pawn Advantage Endgames Advanced Calculation
Checkmater & Helpers Pawn Breakthroughs Make-A-Mate, Advanced
See-A-Mate Rook & Pawn Endgames Helpmates, Advanced
Is-It-Mate? Lucena Positions Stalemates, Advanced
Find-A-Mate Playing Defense Piece Play
Take Two Mates Stop-A-Mate Strong Rook Moves
Take Two Stalemates Stop-A-Threat Strong Bishop Moves
  Strong Queen Moves
Delivering Mate Tactical Themes Strong Knight Moves
Two Queen Mate Overworked Piece Strong King Moves
Queen & Rook Mate Batteries  
Two Rook Mate Pawn Weakness Endgames
King & Queen Prep Famous Checkmates Distant Opposition
King & Rook Prep Back Rank Checkmate King & Pawn, Advanced
  Smothered Mate Rook & Pawn, Advanced
Captures Safe Captures Queen & Pawn
Smart Captures Mate Threats Bishop & Pawn
Pieces En Prise Great Moves Knight & Pawn
Protected Pieces Make-A-Mate, Intermediate Bishop vs. Knight
Pawn En Passant Plan-A-Mate Rook vs. Knight
Stop-A-Loss Helpmates Rook vs. Bishop
  Advantages Queen vs. Rook
Tactics Preventing Castling Queen & Minor vs. Queen
Queen Attacks   Rook & Bishop Endgames
Forks-Beginning Delivering Mate Queen vs. Rook & Minor
Pins-Beginning King & Queen Mate Queen vs. Two Minors
Skewers-Beginning King & Rook Mate  
Best Move-Beginning Two Bishop Mate Delivering Mate
    Two Knight & Bishop Mate
Forcing Mate Forcing Moves Knight & Bishop Mate
Mate In 1 - Lone King Win of Material  
Mate In 1 - Castled King Mate in Two Moves Opening Pitfalls
Queen Mates Intermediate Tactics Double King Pawn
Rook Mates   King Pawn
Bishop Mates Attacking Combinations Double Queen Pawn
Knight Mates Visualize Mate Queen Pawn
Create-A-Mate Best Move, Intermediate Flank Openings
Mate In 1 - Complex Intermediate Play  
  Intermediate Combinations Forcing Combinations
Chess Language   Win of Material, Advanced
Reading Notation   Mate in Two, Advanced
Writing Notation   Mate in Three Moves
Piece Count   Mate in Four Moves
Game Stages   Advanced Mates
    Advanced Tactics
Openings   Advanced Play
Opening Basics    
Scholar's & Fool's Mate