Chess Magnet School Curriculum
The Chess Magnet School curriculum is based on methods developed by Harlan Lee, a chess master, certified coach, and professional educator.

Students are automatically challenged with a personalized course of instruction. Steady progress builds their enthusiasm, as students master valuable skills and learn to transfer these skills to new situations.

Students progress at their own pace, receive immediate feedback on their performance, and learn by repetition as well as learn through a wide variety of interesting challenges.

The curriculum is based on a defined set of learning objectives. Each objective represents a separate chess skill or concept. Numerous exercises help students learn, practice and master each objective.

Chess Magnet provides an excellent set of tools for scholastics. Students build their chess and computer skills at the same time, while mastering the reasoning skills essential for higher learning.

Students progress through a series of lessons. These lessons start with basic concepts and gradually introduce more complex topics including checkmate, coordination of force, attack and defense, tactics, endgames and openings.

Parents, teachers, and chess coaches can use Chess Magnet as a resource for improving their own chess, monitoring their students' progress, and pinpointing areas that need more attention.

The system monitors each student’s progress and advances them based on their performance. Easier exercises continue to be presented from time to time, both to boost confidence and to reinforce past learning.

Coaches are able to select topics that the system will emphasize, either for individual students or for an entire class, thus coordinating the Chess Magnet curriculum with their personal training