Chess Magnet School Troubleshooting

If you have trouble logging in, or staying logged in, please follow the steps below.

1. Allow "Cookies"

Please make sure that "Cookies" are enabled.

To allow cookies in Chrome:

At the top right, click the stack of three dots, then click Settings.

At the bottom, click Advanced.

Under "Privacy and security", click Content Settings.

Click Cookies.

Turn "Allow Sites to Save and Read Cookie Data" ON.

To allow cookies in Internet Explorer:

Click Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Advanced.

Check "Override Automatic Cookie Handling".

Click "Accept" First Party Cookies.

Check "Always Allow Session Cookies".

... and click "Okay" at the bottom.

To allow cookies in Firefox:

Click Tools - Options - Privacy.

Check "Accept Cookies From Sites".

Next to "Keep Until", select "They Expire".

... and click "Okay" at the bottom.

2. Flush Your Cache

You may need to remove temporary internet files. Follow the instructions for your web browser (use Google to find them).

3. Reboot the Computer

After removing temporary files, you can reboot the computer to make sure it's done.

4. Check Your Firewall

Zone Alarm, Norton Utilities, and other firewalls can interfere by blocking Active Content. They can also block Cookies.

Try setting permissions for our domain ( in your Firewall.

Chess Magnet School has Closed for Maintenance

This message tells us that the browser cannot communicate with the server.

Since we nearly never close for maintenance, this generally means that something is blocking the communication from your computer to our server.

That will usually be Parental Controls, Firewall, Anti-Virus or Anti-Advertising software - so those are the things to check for this problem.

More Help

For additional assistance, write to us here.

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