Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, Chess Magnet School will make your study time effective.

Chess Magnet School will help you identify your areas of strength and weakness, and address them.

For roughly the price of a single chess book, Chess Magnet School will provide you with a year of time-tested training material.

Our curriculum - developed and refined for over 25 years by leading chess master, trainer and educator Harlan Lee - will automatically challenge you at an appropriate level of difficulty, while guiding you through all the different things you need to learn. Or, you can page through the curriculum and select the topic of your choice. Leave your training at any time, and you will start where you left off when you return to it.

Our interactive Training Room includes a large number of challenges. Some use the "multiple choice" format, others ask you to select squares on the chessboard. Many require you to achieve a specific goal, such as checkmate or win of material, against the built-in chess engine. Still others require you to make positional judgments, or to develop and demonstrate key techniques. And we are continually adding to and refining our curriculum.

Use the Rating Test to measure your strength. Use our Graphs and Reports to track your progress. Chess Magnet School is an engaging, fast-paced environment that makes learning fun.

As a student of Chess Magnet School, you enjoy the benefits of first-class technology, with a Java-based Training Room and a strong chess engine helping to power your progress.
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