Hal Bogner

Hal Bogner is a USCF Life Master with over 25 years of experience producing chess software and online services for chessplayers.

Prior to launching Chess Magnet, Mr. Bogner served as general manager of the Internet Chess Club and as executive producer of ICC's Chess.FM subsidiary. Mr. Bogner produced the acclaimed chess game Kasparov's Gambit for Electronic Arts, as well as the chessplaying component of the award-winning Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess.

Twenty years ago Mr. Bogner introduced ChessBase to the US market, and in 1989, he co-founded Chess Laboratories to bring numerous study tools to market, including BookUp 7, Zarkov, ChessReader, and the now-standard Linares chess fonts.

Mr. Bogner has organized and directed over 100 chess tournaments, and received the title of International Arbiter from FIDE in 1983. He twice served as president of the Southern California Chess Federation, and has taught and written about chess extensively.

As a high school student, Mr. Bogner earned a National Merit Scholarship, which he believes he owes to the discipline of being a tournament chess competitor.