Welcome to the Coaching Room

Our new Coaching Room provides you with organized access to the entire Chess Magnet School curriculum, along with analysis tools and special features you can use to review selected portions of our curriculum with your classes.

The Coaching Room opens in its own window (or tab, depending on your Browser settings) so you can refer back to the following instructions as you use it.

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Coaching Room Instructions

When you open the Coaching Room it starts in the "Lists" tab. This allows you to maintain lists of puzzles you can review in the classroom, using a projection screen or large monitor for example.

To create your first list, simply enter a name and click "Create List". You can create additional lists the same way.

Make a list "Source" to step through it using the arrows keys on the lower right. By default, your Source is "Curriculum" and you can step through that the same way. Select any topic from the "Topics" tab to step through the content in that topic.

You can see the full text of every puzzle in the "Puzzles" tab. After you solve a puzzle, the next puzzle in your selected Source will be displayed.

Use the "Edits" tab to edit a list you created. You can only edit lists you created, but you can review lists created by any Coach with whom you share a Class.

Make a list "Active" to edit it. You can add, subtract, or rearrange puzzles using the "Edits" tab and the controls below it.

Use the "Jump To" feature at the lower right to load any puzzle by number. Click "Analyze" to see computer analysis (Stockfish 6). Positive scores favor white, and negative scores favor black.

Use the "Play" tab to play the computer or practice checkmate. By using a projection screen, you can host a game between your class and the computer. Seven levels of difficulty are available.

While playing you can change the level at any time (except during checkmate practice), see the legal moves, or see the computer analysis.

Click "Setup" (above the chessboard) to enter or change the position on the board.

Setup Mode normally begins with the position you are looking at, but if that is not a legal position, it begins with the regular starting position.

Click "Start" to set the starting position. Click "Clear" to empty the chessboard. Drag pieces on, off, or around the chessboard as you please.

Click "Done" to exit Setup Mode. You will then be playing the computer, and you can immediately enter a move.

Click "Analyze" below the "Play" tab to stop playing and see infinite computer analysis. You can navigate the game, or enter moves for either side, and the analysis will continue.

Click "Analyze" again (unchecking it) to resume playing the computer.

To return to viewing puzzles when you are playing or analyzing, simply select the "Puzzles" tab.

We hope you like these features and find them useful. Please Contact Us if you have questions.